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About us

We are a collective of musicians, performers and writers from Enfield in North London. We have been around and performing under the Mostly banner since 2003.

Tales Of The Blindingly Obvious

Musicians, Writers, Producers

T.O.T.B.O. is a concept created by the band that is a different way of performing. It places no requirement on the listener/ audience member to participate, all they have to do is listen. There are no gaps between the songs and the importance is placed on the segways between the songs and the change of key they introduce.

You can download the TOTBO mini album from our bandcamp site or wait for the forthcoming performances in July 2014 at Forty Hall Enfield. We are working on a new album that doesn't even have a working title, that is how much we are not committed to producing bizarre album names.

Download 'The Summer Solstice' free



Recent Timeline

Below is a recent timeline of our activities detailing, albums, concerts and special events.

Working on new album 'Do You Wanna Go Doe' (working title)

September 1st 2013

Palmers Green Festival

It was a sunday if I remember rightly

I'm in pieces

We played a completely different set to anything we had done before most of the songs were covers.

July 28th 2013

Summer Serenade Albany Park

Summer 2013

Our very good Friend and supporter Gina Needs put together a festival and asked the Red Room to support. We headlined the event.

→ View video of 'Buck Rogers'

July 21st 2013

Music In The Walled Garden, Forty Hall

from 2010 to 2011

The First and Last Event of its kind

Music in the walled garden was an event set up by the Friends of Forty hall, it featured a number of performers from all the around the Enfield community. We were the second from last band on we recorded our set in the form of a short album called 'Secret Garden'.

→ Listen to the 'Secret Garden' Album

June 2013

Live at Trinity Church

June 2013

Live at Trinity N21

Our first real venture into performing with musicians from our local area. It was a well attended concert and we played a 20 minute set, there are videos somewhere and it was also a paid gig. We donated our fee to the Jim Cronin Monkey world ape rescue centre.

November 2012

Live The The Islington, Angel

November 2012

Hanna'a first gig, not!

The Islington gig which we still to this day haven't worked out how they had heard of us, was supposed to Hanna first gig with us as our new bass player. Unfortunately she had an accident and received concussion and was unable to play. So we ended up playing the gig with just the three of us.

Nicole gives birth to Lucas and Christine gives birth to Skye

October 31st 2012

dRed Room Halloween Show

October 31st 2012

dRed Room III

The dRed Room is a project that we constructed for the young people of the Red Room, to enable them to celebrate Halloween. It took us three years to get an invite to perform at a gig we set up.

June 21st 2012

Tales Of The Blindingly Obvious

October 31st 2012

Tales Of The Blindingly Obvious Album

This album is all of the songs leading up to 2011, we just wanted them finished, recorded and published. For once we are very happy with the outcome.

Sales and Downloads

Below is a list of our most popular published songs. The figures are taken as downloads from iTunes, bandcamp and Souncloud from 2008 - present.

  • Live Music Monkey 70%
  • All Or Nothing 65%
  • The Summer Solstice 60%
  • 13 Porthia Street 45%
  • Yes Man 60%
  • Too Wasted 55%

"It's under wraps yo, but it's about to explode!"

-The Majestic MC

The Line Up

Below is list of the current members of the band.

Nicole Flodin

The lead singer of the band, she also plays drums, bass, guitar and also writes some of the lyrics with Mark and Hanna.

Mark Riley

The sound designer, a term used for somebody who is an all rounder and doesn't stick to one insturment, he also producers the music.

Zoe Needs

The drummer of the band and backing vocalist although never at the same time but we are working on it.

Keith Hawkins

Needs no introduction. He's been with the band since 2009 and has produced the bands trade mark guitar sound.

Hanna Marie

Live bass player and acoustic guitarist, lyricist with Nicole and provides additional harmonies with Mark.

Work Process

"Hear Us Play"


Contact Us

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